Driver Seat Neuroscience talks

The people who do the work tell the story

When: Tuesdays (17:00h CEST)

Where: Online

How: Join with zoom (630 8461 5083)

Costs: Free for all

Participation: Only if you want to

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Alaska, Anchorage (AKST): 07:00h
Pacific, Los Angeles (PST): 08:00h 
Mountain, Phoenix (MST): 09:00h
Mountain, Denver (MST): 09:00h
Central, Chicago (CDT): 10:00h
Eastern, Washington DC (EST): 11:00h
London (GMT): 16:00h
Lund (CET): 17:00h
Beijing (CST): 00:00h

Seminars will be streamed live at the Segerfal Lecture hall at Lund University - Refreshments provided by the Department of Experimental Medical Sciences

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The concept

We want to give the pepole who have driven the experiment a platform to present their work.

Have you ever been interested in the real story behind an article, including all the roadblocks and brickwalls? In our Journal Club-style presentation we invite the first authors of a recent article to present their work in a friendly environment and they can give a personal acount on the journey their study took. Furthermore, we provide a platform for the people who have driven the experiment to promote their own work and gain recognition by their peers. We have found that this exchange is an exellent opportunity for networking, troublehsooting, and for the fostering of new collaborations.

The format

In the weekly "Drivers Seat Neuroscience talks" the people that have driven a study will present their work in a Journal Club format. The idea is a 10-15 minute presentation going through a recently published article followed by a personal account of the main acheivements and struggles conducting the experiments that have lead to the publication. The presentation will include the main figures of the selected paper and conclude with a slide on the major roadblocks that were encountered.

The topics

Topics will be very varied, including neuroscience, from disease modelling, stem cells, gene therapy, to technological advances and everything in between. Should you have a suggestion for a speaker or are interested in presenting please email:

Driver Seat Talks networking activities are supported by the Department of Experimental Medical Sciences at Lund University and rAAVen Therapeutics.