We are very greatful for our past speakers who have shared their knowledge, time and insights with us. The current format stands and falls with these young scientists who contribute to a shareing and open academia.

1st of April 2021

Susan Goulding who has recently completed her PhD in the group Gerard O'Keefe at the University College Cork gave an exellent inaugural talk to our seminar series enlightening us about her recent study published in Molecular Neurobiology.

Susan R. Goulding, PhD

University College Cork, Ireland


8th of April 2021

David Marmion who has recently obtained his PhD with Jeff Kordower at Rush University has presented his work on an AAV-vector based model if multiple system atrophy in rodents and primates published in Neurobiology of Disease.

David Marmion, PhD

Barrow Neurological Institute, USA


Liana Fasching, PhD

Yale University, USA


15th of April 2021

Liana Fasching has presented her work on linenage tracing using somatic mutations which she has recently published in Science.

Natalie Landeck, PhD



22th of April 2021

Natalie Landeck has presented her work on toxicity of various alphasynuclein species.

Sara Saez-Atienzar, PhD



29th of April 2021

Sara Saez-Arienzar has presented her work on identifying genetic risc factors for ALS.

Sam Sinai

Harvard University/

Dyno Therapeutics

5th of May 2021

Sam Sinai has presented his work on using machine learning to identify new AAV capsids.

13th of May 2021

Chao Wang has presented his work on how astrocytic APOE4 is contributing to tau pathology.

Chao Wang

Washington University

Anubhav Sinha 

& Daniel Goodwin

MIT, Boyden Laboratory:

20est of May 2021

Anubhav Sinha and Daniel R. Goodwin presented their Science paper on Expansion Sequencing.

Ryan Cho

CalTech, Gradinaru Laboratory

27th of May 2021

Jounhong Ryan Cho presented his Journal of neuroscience paper about dorsal raphne dopamine neuron signallig. 

John K. Mich

Allen Institute for Brain Science

3rd June 2021

John K. Mich presented his cell reports paper on enhancer elements.

10th of June 2021

Briana de Miranda presented her paper on environmental toxins.

Briana De Miranda

Alabama University

26th of August 2021

Etai Sapoznik presented his work on single objective light sheet microscopy.

Etai Sapoznik

UT Southwestern

2nd of September 2021

Xianjun Chen presenting his work on RNA dyes.

Xianjun Chen

Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center for Biomanufacturing Technology

9nd of September 2021

Jorge Miguel Faustino Martins presenting his work neuromuscular organoids

Jorge Martins

Max Dellbrueck Centre Berlin

16th of September 2021

Shannon Johnson & Changyang Linghu presented their paper on flourescent reporters

Shannon & Changyang

Synthetic Neurobiology Group. MIT

23rd of September 2021

Shannon Johnson & Changyang Linghu presented their paper on flourescent reporters

Lauren McElvain

Kleinfeld Laboratory

University of California, San Diego

30est of September 2021

Margherita Zamboni persenting her paper on the neurogenic potential of Astrocytes

Margherita Zamboni

Frisen Laboratory

Karolinska Insitutet

7th of October 2021

Margherita Zamboni persenting her paper on the neurogenic potential of Astrocytes

Travis R. Blum

Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT

David R. Liu Laboratory

14th of October 2021

Lief Fenno presenting his paper on the intersectional transgene delivery

28th of October 2021

Tommaso Patriarchi on dopamine sensors

Lief Fenno

Stanford University

Karl Deiserroth Laboratory

4th of November 2021

Matthieu Nonnenmacher on AAV capsid development

Tommaso Patriarchi


Lin Tan Laboratory

Mathieu Nonnenmacher

Voyager Therapeutics

11th of November 2021

Xiaoyin Chen on using BarSeq for mapping long range projections

18th of November 2021

Kevin Richetin on Tau accumulation in Astrocytes

Xiaoyin Chen

Zador laboratory

Kevin Richitin

Deglon Laboratory

25th of November 2021

Nastacia Goodwin & Simon Nilsson on pose estimation using ML

Nastacia and Simon

Golden Laboratory

16th of December 2021

Andrew B. Singleton, Personal perspective

A Personal perspective on when we discovered aSyn triplication as a casuative factor of PD