We are interested in all things related to neuroscience, from technological developments to mechanistic studies. With this new format we are trying to give a novel spin to the traditional Journal Club format. Our aim is to give junior scientists the chance to present their work to a wide audience.

Marcus Davidsson

Lund University

Andreas Heuer

Lund University

David Marmion

Barrow Institute


The COVID pandemic has taught us that online-meetings are not only bad. Of course we are missing the human interaction and the networking over a pint after a talk, but we realized that there are also opportunities. One of these is that most people gotten used to following presentations and webinars online. The second was that we are not limited by physical restrictions in our meetings and we can actually interact accorss borders. We had started this series originally by inviting one of our collaborators to our regular JC to present her recent paper. We got so much out of it that we thought why don't we always invite the author of the study we are discussing... and here we are.

We intend this to be a democratic and user-driven platform! Whether you just want to listen in to one of the topics or follow the entire series, or even activiely want to participate into the organization, we would like to give everyone the opportunity to join. At the moment we are quite heavily biased towards men from Lund, hence it would be great to get Natalie some support (not that she needs it).

Our main interest is neuroscience and we all work on neurodegeneration, but if someone would like to organize a parallel series we are more than willing to provide the platform/website for this.